Monday, November 26, 2007


So I'm reading the Chicken Soup for the Romantic's Soul. And it got me to wondering what are some of the romantic/sweet things that your partner has done for you? I'm collecting them for my own amusement, so provided you don't mind sharing, Share, share and then I can publish a book and make millions. Well, maybe it will just make me smile on days like I had yesterday. For example, Saturday, after I got off work, I got home to find out that Nick had ordered me my favorite pizza because he thought "I needed pizza." That's just one example of a little thing, but I would love to hear more about some of yours. So, share, share, share!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Today I had a meltdown. Well, not really. Hopefully some of you women and possibly men friends of mine will understand. But due to the stress of trying to remain calm in a situation that wasn't making me FEEL calm, I ended up sobbing. I HATE sobbing. I HATE crying. I don't think it really does much good other than to make you get a headache, red eyes, and make the people around you feel guilty or uncomfortable, usually both. I used to be able to control it. Seriously. I could feel tears coming on and just somehow stop them. I have lost this ability. So I just wanted to rant about how crying seriously sucks. And somehow, the situation feels resolved and also not resolved. I have no idea if this in anyway relates to crying or if it's just me.

Friday, November 16, 2007

I have puny, girly arms

So I did a shoulder workout today. I only used 5 lb. weights. But sadly, just typing this is making my arms turn to jello. I have very puny arms and it saddens me. In an effort to get better sleep and feel more energy and lose five pounds I've started up with my workout videos again. My cats helped me, they really like my resistance band. But it's the strength workout I did that really made me feel out of shape. I decided to lift weights and focus on arms today and I found out that I have girly arms. I want girly, muscly, strong arms so I'm going to have to do something about this. If anyone wants, I've also come up with the idea to send workout videos - like, if Kay, you have a yoga video but want to try a cardio that I have (I only have a few, but I'm hoping to get more) than we could trade for two weeks. Switch it up. Just an idea, let me know girls and guys.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I am in a funny mood today. I think it's just a stressful time right now. Anyway, I still haven't started the Einstein biography and now it's due in two days. It almost feels like homework to read it on a time crunch so I'm going to try and renew it, since I wanted to read it for fun. I finally got one of the books I reserved at the library called Our Mother's War - women during WWII. It's based on interviews and letters, etc. so it should be an interesting read. I'm going to recommend it to my grandma and then see if she can talk to me more about her experiences. I'm also reading the Church and the Second Sex about Christian misogyny. It was originally written in 1968 so I'm hoping to find another, more recent study and compare whether anything has changed, especially in the Catholic Church. Also, I CANNOT seem to make an appointment to get a haircut. I wanted to get something done before Wednesday, but I only trust two people: my sister and this spa/salon I go to because I know they're professional and do a great job based on recommendations. And both are impossible to get to: I have to work and can't make an appointment with Judy and I tried and failed to make an appointment at the salon before Wednesday night. I could chance somewhere else, but I have a gift certificate at the spa. I worked yesterday from 6am to 2pm. I am seriously thinking of quitting my job. Our manager is rather incompetent and also annoying. Plus, she asked me to cut short my Christmas vacation time, even though I requested off for it two and a half months before Christmas! Of course, it's already been approved and I won't actually be in the state so it was merely a request. I told her that it wasn't just MY vacation it was also Nick's and he hasn't seen his family since June I believe. I thought it was a bit ridiculous, especially considering that her vacations and time off days (which always seem to coincide with extremely big sales events or floorsets) are never denied or anything. But I digress into work madness and since I have today off, I'm trying not to stress myself out too much. Applications are still bogging me down. But I'm going to try to clear some of that off today, so YAY! Other than that...not much to talk about.
Things that really piss me off: calling pro-choice people "babykillers" and people not actually being informed of political and social issues but having a definite opinion that is NEVER going to change. Basically, close-minded people who can't see past black and white. I had a customer the other day like that; not with me, just her and a friend talking and she was so ignorant but was also so definite. People annoy me sometimes. USE YOUR BRAINS - that's why we have them, to think things through, become informed, see other peoples' points of view and then make a decision. You wouldn't just make a snap judgement about buying a house or a car, why do people do that regarding politics and such? Urgh!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Crazy Day

I've actually come up with a topic that I like but today I just wanted to vent about my day yesterday. Yesterday I got to work at 8 - rushing, because for some reason my contact lens would NOT GO IN MY EYE! It just kept popping out and laughing at me. I got a flu shot (my arm incidentally still hurts today, rather badly, plus I couldn't eat pizza because I was nauseous). Then, I ran some errands for G and took the minivan instead of the Lexus and therefore could not complete one of my errands. I saved a balloon for L, though and she was ecstatic. I got her to French. I took library books back. I loaded her up in her car seat and got her to the older kids school. And there, on the car, was a flat tire. Like really flat. Like, if I had driven it back to their house with three kids we would have had a blow up and possibly fiery car accident flat! T (the dad) had actually stopped at the school, which is strange, so he gave me his AAA card, we called up Gretchen, she called a tow truck and loaded up the baby in the minivan to come and pick us up. We waited until 4:40 ( the tow truck actually got there at 4:20 or so, but the kids were fascinated by watching them load up the car. Did I mention we were outside watching this and the wind was like -200 degrees and the actual temperature was like, 30? We pick up McDonalds for the kids (they don't get McD's alot at all, so you could see they were hoping that next time we might have something bigger happen) we finish up a few chores at the house. I get home at 6:30. Nick orders pizza - the delivery guy has a flat tire so the pizza is cold when it arrives. Pizza does not stay in my stomach (see flu shot above). I went to bed at 10:30 I believe. Thursday should be a relaxing day, considering it's piano day. Or maybe I'll just live through it and sleep in on Friday.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


I don't know how many of you use the link I put up to the Emily X blog. But I am proud to report that in 36 days (it's a 40 day campaign) the protesters at the Planned Parenthood Clinic have raised $41,509. Every time they showed up, the pro-choice movement made more money for women, for education, for health, for choice. And I got to hear about some very interesting and supportive people, and if I only had a set schedule at work, or the money to take a day off every week, I would love to volunteer and be a clinic escort. Soon, maybe. Anyway, congratulations to anyone who pledged!!