Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No Title

Well, it's been a crazy week and a half. Found out some bad news from Nick's family. But I did successfully register for classes (yay!) and found out that to get my school library certificate there's a lot more involved than I thought, so I keep going round and round about whether I should do it or not. I keep thinking yes, cause then I have more options, job wise. But I'm tired of waiting to get to my career and not having money, and anxious to get out there and start getting kids to read, etc. So that means I should get it done in a year instead of a year and a half or two, which is what a school library certificate would take. I'm still having no luck with the assistantship thing and it's kind of freaking me out a bit. I'm sure I'll be fine without one though it will be tough, but my job just doesn't pay enough and I would love something on campus so I'm not using a bunch of gas. Anyway, that's pretty much it. Oh, Nick did get good news: he'll be staying in Iowa City and getting his PhD in Informatics. I'm so proud! And it means that if I can just get done with this program, I can live there again. Cause I miss it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I got back from vacation. To be honest, I didn't want it to end. I could have used another week with my family. Of course, Nick and I got back and things started getting bad. It's like we had a fantastic time, so THIS week bad things would happen. In Nick's case, it was bad family news regarding a health issue. I won't go into the details here so don't ask. In my case, it's the fact that I haven't heard from any of the assistantships I've applied for, my insurance rate went up a bit, the driver's side speaker went out on my car, I still have a month until school so I have to work at a job I don't really like until it starts and I can start having days off, the video camera we bought for our trip and took video on isn't compatible for our computers, just little things that combined with Nick's news are making this a week NOT that relaxing. I kind of figured that this week would be semi-relaxed since I did just get back from vacation. But I digress.
Vacation was fantastic! It went WAY too fast but it was great. Eventually, I will be able to post pics on Facebook or send them out or something, but I haven't done that yet, cause Nick has the camera. Since Nick hadn't ever 1) Met my family or 2) Seen the Black Hills we had a great time exploring and spending time with family. Some highlights: not in any particular order:
1) He found out I'm pretty much fearless when it comes to climbing stuff when we went through the Badlands and he saw me walk along this ledge that was pretty narrow to get to a huge rock that was extremely high. Also, loved the Badlands and their geology.
2) Seeing Grandma. Well, okay, family.I think that one is carried throughout all of these highlights cause it was just so great. Oh, and of course, having Nick meet Grandma, cause that was also cool.
3) Alyssa + Floating Shoe = Hilariousness!!
4) Waterfights with extremely cold water.
5) Seeing Devil's Tower with Nick and hiking around it. We went alone and met up with people later that day, so it was neat to experience something that was just ours on our first real, long, family vacation together.
6) The buffalo herd that walked in between our car and Chris's car. That's right, I said buffalo herd. I could have touched one of the calves (if I had wanted to no longer be severely maimed).
7) Winning at the casino after only five minutes and putting in only $8. I won $100.
8) Times spent with family: talking with Colin on a water float at the lake, taking Dalton on go-karts and bumper boats, talking with everyone and catching up, riding with Chris on the 4-wheeler and discovering a cool track, having breakfast with dad and Pat and talking about his childhood growing up there, rafting with Alyssa (and everyone else), eating tons of roasted marshmallows over the campfire where we'd meet almost every night, meeting the kids I hadn't met yet, having Nick meet everyone and get to know them better.
9) An upside down shower. Ha! It's funny now.
10) Having a vacation that I didn't want to end: cause that's the mark of a great vacation and I hope we do it next year!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I'm trying

I scold myself for being just as lazy as everyone else. Apparently I was too ambitious - a post every day - what was I thinking!? Still, July is going to be over soon and I'll be on vacation for 8 days or so, so I need to get some posts up now. Let's see...the store here is different. If you want more details (so my boss won't see it, cause now I'm paranoid) feel free to email me or call me, or send me a letter via snail mail. My apartment is a bit messy and I have the pet sitter coming tonight to meet the cats so I need to be cleaning up but instead am posting. I have been sleeping better - perhaps stress and anticipation mixing makes me sleepy - but I guess that's a good thing. I desperately wish it were Friday, cause then I'd be back in Iowa City checking out books at the public library and eating chicken and noodles in peanut sauce at Z'Marik's. If I could get an appointment, which I'm going to try of course, but it's probably impossible, I would get one at Zender's for a hot stone massage, cause after this week at work, and especially last night, I need one. My left shoulder feels like it's about an inch higher than my right, merely because of knots of stress in my muscles.
Also, I have a question: Can someone clue me in to the "homosexual lifestyle" I keep hearing all these close-minded conservatives talking about - cause I know some homosexuals and their lifestyles really don't seem all that different from mine, except perhaps they are actually a bit better in terms of salary, housing, school, etc. So what exactly do people mean when they talk about a "homosexual lifestyle?"
Is it just dating people of the same sex? Cause that seems so insane to me. I just wish someone could explain it to me in rational terms instead of fire and brimstone they're going to hell speak...they never seem to explain, they just assume you know. I hate that. I may be guilty of it from time to time, but I don't mean to be - so someone please, explain to me what they mean!
I have to do a presentation for an interview at Kaplan: a how-to in five minutes....any thoughts on subjects (let's keep it clean people!)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I Needed a New Post

We're getting lazy people! The only person who has written something new on a blog is Kristi (good job, by the way!) but still, is it cause it's summer? I'm missing my new posts almost everyday. So, I'm taking the initiative and writing something new. Hopefully, I can continue this until I leave for vacation next week. I seriously CANNOT WAIT! I haven't visited South Dakota to see my family since, my grandma's birthday three or four years ago (when was that?!) And it looks like everyone I love is going to be there, pretty much openly available to hang out with and have fun with and laugh with - cause my family is awnry. How do you spell that anyway? I think that's correct.
Anyway, I've been working out almost everyday: running, swimming, doing strength workouts from Self magazine. I can kind of tell a difference too, but since it's only been two weeks, I imagine I have a lot more to go to get to my goal. But I certainly feel a lot better and healthier. If I get more toned and lose a little weight (the "Dan" weight) then I will be happy. I'm being careful about what I eat too - but it's hard, since I grew up not having to worry about NOT eating things and now I do. I guess it's one of those parts of getting older that sucks.
I have a job interview for Kaplan when I get back; to teach test prep. It's pretty good pay, and hopefully will really help me out. I also found out that one of the assistantships I applied for is actually NOT closed, so maybe I'll get an interview there. I'm really hoping I do: I would have loved one at the Center for Children's Books or the public library, but they've both been filled. Maybe next year? Anyway, keep fingers crossed and think good thoughts that I will get an interview and get that assistantship. It will really make my school year be that much better.
Did anyone else read in the New York Times today about the differences between professors coming into positions at universities are losing their "radical edge" so to speak, because more radical, liberal, baby-boomer generation professors are retiring or dying? It was really interesting. It's sort of sad for me, because my favorite professors were of that generation: very liberal, very good at getting excited about a cause and teaching too - because they had all the experiences and knowledge that comes from that. Not that conservatives and moderates DON'T have those experiences; but it's just not the same as having a professor actually telling what it was like to be at the March on Washington with King, for example; because moderates and conservatives aren't really protesting in that way anymore (I'm talking this younger generation). It was a really good article; if you haven't read it, you should.
I had my nieces visit me this weekend, which was really fun: one of them is really into this band from Germany (I think) and I would love to take her to a concert they're having in Chicago, but unfortunately tickets are sold out and really expensive. I don't remember being fifteen and loving a band like that; it's kind of cool. She's a cool kid. And my youngest niece is so cute, cause she wants to be like her big sister and tries so hard to be grown-up; but she's still a little one, so it's funny.
I guess I don't have much to write about. I haven't really done much. OH! I did start work on Tuesday. It's weird - it's like deja vu, but without the place that's exactly the same. Weird, actually. The store is different here - bigger, for one thing. And they don't leave until 10 at night! Which to me is crazy! I have to do that tonight actually. In fact, I have to work from tonight until next Thursday - I have shifts everyday until my vacation. How horrible and yet good is that? I'll be exhausted, but at least I'll be somewhat busy, and getting money too!
Well, I guess that's all.