Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting In Shape: The Saga: Part 3

Well, I've been doing well. I've decided that my new goal for the next month and a half is to work up to running 30 minutes straight. That's probably about 3 miles, maybe 4, depending on pace and all. So, I'm starting with intervals. Today, I walked 4 minutes and then ran, fairly slowly, but not a jog, for 2 minutes. I did this 5 times. Since N and I are going the PLA in Oregon this week, my workouts will only be two days this week, not including all the walking we'll do in the city while being tourists.

I've been eating healthy, and really enjoyed my Saturday, I can eat whatever I want day. I didn't go too crazy, but I did have ice cream after dinner: a small chocolate cone, and popcorn at the movies. Since I'm off soda, I don't think my calories were too high. I also took the two days off from major exercise; Saturday, because of the snow, and Sunday, because I worked at the children's desk.

Was majorly distracted last night watching the health care reform debate and reading blogs: I like to read the right-wing conservative, anti-choice, etc. blogs when major progressive things come up to watch the freak outs and thank my lucky stars that the internet is fairly anonymous. I don't comment or anything, but if I did, I'd be extremely glad. Some of those people seem dangerously unstable.

This is going to be a busy week, and end of the month, so I wanted to make sure I posted something recent. Hopefully you faithful readers won't miss me TOO much :-)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting in Shape: The Saga: Part 2

How long has it been since I last posted about my trials in getting back into shape? Ten days or so? Here's an update, for all of you who actually care.

My goggles (which I bought cheaply at Walmart) have finally died. They no longer provide protection from water, therefore I have to figure out how to use N's, which are actually real swimmer's goggles and therefore require some sort of advanced degree in Engineering to figure out how to adjust so they will fit my small, weirdly shaped head. Therefore, swimming has been out, because I keep forgetting to ask him to who me how to adjust them. My fault.

I have been walking all this week, usually between 2 and 3 miles, sometimes slightly over 3. The path across the street, which is excellent, is finally free of all snow. It's been nice out all this week, with only a couple of days where I needed warmer layers. Today, all I needed was tights and a sweatshirt.

I managed to do three minutes of running today...I think it could have been more, but I didn't drink as much water as I normally do in the morning and that lack, plus the fact that I'm years out of shape, added up to a "Shit, well, damnit - YAY! You did 3 whole minutes! I'm so proud of you, you'll do even better tomorrow!" Rant in my head. That's right, I talk to myself when I run or walk. Usually it's along the lines of, "You can stop when you reach that tree. No, not that one, the one up ahead. I didn't mean THIS one, I mean that one, see, the big one. You made it past the bridge, good job can you get to the crosswalk." By which point, my running looks awkward and I'm gasping for breath, angry at my inner voice for promising I could quit sooner. Stupid inner voice.

The eating I'm having trouble with. I just enjoy food too much - and since it's a hard habit and attitude to let go of: namely, that I can eat whatever I want and not gain weight (yes, I realize this is a lie nowadays) - I'm having trouble measuring things out and making sure to eat normal portion sizes, as opposed to the ginormous ones that has led to America's obesity epidemic. But I try and I've accomplished a lot: I have fruit and/or a vegetable at almost every meal, even snacks, excluding last night's french toast. And I'm drinking tons of water - which my bathroom hates. And I have found favorites even: like today, I had a whole-wheat sandwich wrap with peanut butter (the recommended amount, which is actually a little more than I usually use and bananas, drizzled with a little bit of honey. With skim milk. Totally yummy.

Finally - how long does it take to see results? I am an American and I want, nay, I DEMAND, instant results!! I should have a flatter stomach and better thighs by now...urgh!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Getting in Shape: The Saga: Part 1

I need some major fitness help. I can't seem to get any motivation. For a week and a half, I went swimming every day. Then, I had to take a break because of a stupid rash. I've been trying to walk more, which is fine, but doesn't seem to do much. Plus, I'm not great with dieting. I don't like the idea of living life always watching calories and not enjoying certain foods: cheeseburgers and pizza. It's just not a happy way to live. And I eat healthily for the most part: I don't eat cheeseburgers and pizza every week. I try to eat veggies and sushi, and fruit, except I'm sick of apples and oranges are usually too sour or acidic. (Excuses!). I've also almost completely given up soda and I rarely drink a lot of coffee. Not every day: sometimes I have a cup, sometimes more, but it's not all the time.

It's finally starting to get warmer outside, which means I'll be able to start running soon. I could even start running now, except I need to wait to buy my new running shoes - the ones that will, hopefully, not cause me to get shin splints this season. My goal is to work up to a half-marathon. Not that I am going to compete in one or anything, but just be able to run one once, by August or September.

I need a workout buddy. Does someone want to move up here and workout with me? Please?

Today, I am trying to relax and take a break from worrying about this. I have Girl Scout cookies! I'm not fat and I deserve Girl Scout cookies! And yet, I can not relax, because I'd like to lose a little weight and have somewhat buff arms by the time Nick and I go to Portland in two weeks. Clearly, to do that, I should not be eating thin mints!

Why does motivation take so much energy? It seems to take more energy to get motivated than to actually exercise.