Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving and Pregnancy

How was Thanksgiving for all of you? I spent the day (and the night before) in Great Bend hanging out with my family, eating too much and playing the Wii. I did feel bad because I'm not able to be as active with the nieces and nephews now that I'm all huge and I have to take it easy (more on that later) but I think we all had a good time. Definitely one of my favorite holidays - a good start to Christmas anyway. And yes, I have my tree up already and am slowly decorating with my other Christmas things. In the spirit of inclusion (and because I'm not religious so I can have the freedom to do things like this) I have thought about getting a Menorah and putting that out - but haven't so far.

Slowly, our apartment is starting to look lived in instead of chaotic - books are being put away, we're getting things in their proper places. I always forget how long that takes. Moving is always bad but I think unpacking and finding where things have to go is worse.

Pregnancy update: I am now taking if easy (which basically means not moving as much and reading on the couch more) at least until this Thursday. At my last prenatal, the doctor was concerned about the fact that I had some major swelling in my ankles and feet coupled with erratic blood pressure readings - some were higher than normal. She is worried it might be a sign of pre-eclampsia and I am now having a biophysical profile on Thursday, consisting of a sonogram to make sure there is enough blood flow to placenta and such and a non-stress test, and will probably be seeing her every week (which I would have started soon anyway). I was a little freaked, but I think it's just a precaution, since I don't have any of the other signs and little MCO is moving and kicking like crazy.

I am also about ready to start maternity leave - I plan on talking with my boss and getting my last day settled very soon (preferably this week sometime). I want to make sure I get my two programs in December done and then I think I can relax a bit about leaving my job.

So I think that's it - Happy Holiday season all of you; good luck with shopping and scheduling, and decorating, and baking, and all the rest of it! I am looking forward to all of it, plus, hopefully, an end to this pregnancy (eventually...cause geez, I'm huge!)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So I'm perusing my pregnancy website today ( - thank you for asking) and it told me I only have 53 days left until my due date. 53 DAYS! That is a month and a half (if that!). In around four weeks I will be AT FULL-TERM. I am serious - in say, four weeks, it is possible I could go into labor and actually have a newborn. I am not prepared, despite two wonderful baby showers and a host of extremely supportive people. But...

I don't have a crib set up yet.
The car seat isn't in the car.
Baby clothes aren't washed, I haven't pre-registered at the hospital/birth care center, and I haven't packed a hospital bag! Panic is starting to set in - and yet, when you say I'm due in January - well, that is sooo far away - NO, NO, IT'S NOT! That is 53 days away!!!

And I am also starting to realize I will have to actually HAVE this baby, by means of labor and you know, pushing. And pain (at least some, even if I decide to do an epidural). And probably yucky, gross, bodily fluids.
You're saying that clearly, I should have known that, I who have read the pregnancy books cover-to-cover? Who took the childbirth class and SAW the video. Who has older sisters and listened to their stories and asked questions. PLEASE -

Yes, yes, I KNEW that, you know, in a kind of "I KNOW that there are monkeys in South America, but that is so far away" way and now:
The monkeys are here and they're stealing my bananas!