Sunday, December 30, 2012

Highlights of 2012

This will probably be one of the last, if not THE LAST, post of 2012. Holy crap. How did a whole year go by so quickly. I can only attribute it to having a baby. Some days felt like they were months long but somehow I'm planning my little girl's first birthday party and feeling nostalgic for the times when she would take three hour naps and cuddle with me on the couch.

So, a list of highlights.

1. Alice. She could probably encompass my entire highlights post. But seriously - she is the highlight of the year, the most amazing, life-changing, exhausting, awesome thing to happen to me in 2012. So here is my post when she was born. A YEAR AGO!!

2. My grandmother's death. Yes, it wasn't a fun highlight. But she was the last grandparent I had, and it was so very sad. But I truly, honestly hope that there IS some kind of afterlife and that she and my grandfather are dancing together there.

3. All the "firsts." This kind of has to do with Alice and kind of has to do with me. For example: first bath, first rolling over, first crawling. First time I saw her, first time I calmed her down with a song, first time we went to the park together. This has been such a huge year of 'firsts' - and it's just so exhilarating and tiring at the same time.

4. Kay's baby! My best friend had her first baby the same year I did, and while they are months apart in age, it was just so exciting to experience her being pregnant and talking about being moms and answering her questions. I got to be one of her 'experts' and that was just so cool for me, since I am a new mom; because usually I am the one asking others!

5. Family. This is always a highlight, but I love my family. I love that we're all in the same state, even if we still don't manage to see each other as much as we'd like. I love that I can joke with my nieces and nephews, watch them have fun with their new cousin, and call up my dad to say, "Hey, your granddaughter wants to be spoiled and needs a visit - you up for it?"

Okay. So, a rather short list because having a new baby is overwhelming and consumes your entire life. But still....I think it's a pretty good list. Hopefully I will post soon and have pictures of Christmas and even, maybe, do better at posting regularly in the new year.

Happy 2013!!!!