Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Week highlights

To continue with my non-confrontational( I hope) and non-issue (I hope) blog topics, I wanted to post about the highlights of this past week while Nick is away. Sadly, I'm hoping it will cheer me up to think of some things that are actually highlights of my week(s) without him.

1. Reincarnating a fish. Yep. That's exactly what I mean.

2. Getting post cards from Nick.

3. Getting phone calls and messages from Nick, nearly every day, while he's in Berlin and Prague. Transatlantic messages and conversations are awesome!!!!

4. Winning the bingo game at work and getting a gift card to Barnes and Noble.

5. Hearing this guy talking about the new plane he just bought and feeling totally, wretchedly poor standing next to him. It would have helped if he's been a jerk, but he was funny and nice. He bought a PLANE! And he doesn't know how to fly it - he's learning! A PLANE!!!!

6. Last week of school for the kids=lots of hours, busy, busy hours for me=hardly anytime to be thinking about missing Nick.

7. Gretchen hearing that I would be alone (save for my kitties) these past few days/weeks and telling me that they are always free if I need company. How sweet is that to hear from a boss? I have a new, sort of surrogate family.

8. Emails from friends who are supportive of everything I do, and not overly sensitive to blog postings.

9. Calling my dad to tell him about fish reincarnation and just talking to him. I miss my dad! (I miss my entire family, of course, but my dad is the best dad in the whole world!)

I can't think of a tenth. Sorry. Anyway, I do have something sort of controversial to discuss. I was invited to go to a Pride Parade in Des Moines. I'd love to go, but I can't get off work. The only controversial part is the Pride Parade and that I'd love to go. Anyway, hope this is a somewhat interesting post. If it's not, well, comment on something and help me make it more interesting!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Trip Highlights

Well, I returned from Andale on Monday. I am still tired from the drive and still blue from having to leave after a too-fast vacation with my family and Nick. I miss my family; it is finally feeling like we're more normal since the divorce. Plus, Nick will be leaving from Wichita (he stayed) to fly to Berlin on Friday (I don't get to see him for almost 3 weeks) so I'm missing him right now. I figured one of the better ways of cheering me up is to update my blog a bit. So here are a few highlights of my trip:

1) Going to the zoo with Dalton and spending at least 10 minutes watching the hippos. Dalton wanted to feed them one of his cookies, which was sweet, but I informed him that it would probably hurt the hippos. And he didn't want to do that.

2) Going on my niece Taylor's second-grade field trip: we went to the Warrne Old Town for a tour of the kitchen and projection rooms, then we got to see the movie Happily N'Ever After, eat popcorn at 9:30 in the morning and then go to North Rock Lanes where a bunch of second graders kicked my butt at bowling and eating pizza. Riding home from the field trip and having Taylor's teacher (who was also MY second grade teacher 18 years ago!) come over and saying hi, thanking me for coming, and saying she remembered me.

3) Hanging out with my friends from grad school and just talking about old times, professors, what they're doing now, and in general having a good time.

4) Actually being able to kiss my nephew, who is now 11, goodnight. I am a girl, I have cooties, and kissing is gross. Granted, he was zoned out on his X-Box game but still...I got one in.

5) My dad showing me all he's done to the house: new carpet, floors, furniture, etc. He was so excited, like a little boy with a new toy, and it's nice to see my dad happy and excited.

6) Finally meeting Jackie's new boyfriend and his two boys, all three of whom are adorable. I only wish they could have stayed longer so we could talk.

7) Playing volleyball with all the kids and Nick (who sucks worse than me). The barbecue for my niece Alyssa's 14th birthday and her 8th grade graduation. Good food, fun times, a chance to hang out with great people.

8) Finding out my future nephew's name - Charlene is 7 weeks until due date. And no, I'm NOT telling!

9) Looking at old pics of my mom, Alyssa, and Dad. Tears in my eyes cause I miss her so much and can't believe Alyssa is already 14. Trying to hide tears, not succeeding very well, and finding out that Kent has tears too. Tear!

10) In general, spending time with family, feeling like I'm a part of it again. Seeing friends, feeling motivated to figure out what I want to do with my life and take steps to do it. Spending time with my nieces and nephews: Alyssa, Kaylin, Colin, Taylor, Dalton.

Well, anyway, I know these kinds of posts aren't controversial or anything, but I figured this is at least an interesting update.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Did anybody get a chance to watch the Republican candidates debate last week. I was able to watch the Democrats, but missed the Republicans and was wondering which guy (the Democrats had a woman! Even if it was Hilary.) you all liked. So far, my favorite candidate is Obama, but there is still time to make a firm decision. One of Nick's friends got to meet him and she said he was nice. I actually had the weekend off. Which is nice, cause I got to run a lot and relax and clean the apartment and stuff like that, but at the same time I kept thinking...I need the money, I need the money. I got a raise at my mother's helper job though, and she's asked me to work a few extra hours lately, so that's nice. Who knows? Maybe I'll get lucky. I started re-reading the Anne of Green Gables series. I just felt nostalgic. I'm going to re-read the Harry Potter books too, since the book and movie come out in July. Really soon! And I've applied for information to a few law schools - Iowa, Illinois, Washington. I just want to look at the materials and what I need to do to actually apply. My LSAT prep is also on its way. I guess that's it. I just wanted to post something different.