Friday, July 09, 2010

My Blog: How I Miss Thee

Well, my first post of June was actually my only post of June. I apologize to any loyal readers, still waiting for updated posts- I know how you feel when you get here and there's nothing new!

Today, I actually went shopping for myself. I managed to get new running shoes, and a new outfit, and even some fun new bath products. It perked up my spirits quite a bit - I got turned down for a great job this week. This economy really sucks - there's just not a lot of opportunities for full-time librarian jobs. I'm considering becoming a school librarian - I just have to get my license to teach, which means going back to school for a year or more. I am slightly reluctant about the school thing: I've been enjoying being done with classes and papers and grades. But oh well; it's not like I don't enjoy school.

Non sequitur: My husband is the best ever. I don't even need examples - but he is, you just have to trust me on this.