Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Redux

I just wanted to put Redux in the title. It's such a cool word, you know? What a weekend it was too! Highlights include:

1) Reconnecting with my mom's family, specifically my cousins. How nice was that?! And how weird to think that at the age all of us cousins (kids) are now was the age that our parents were back when we were young and hanging out together, swimming at Uncle Mike's during his yummy barbecues. I'll miss that cooking!!

2) Kite flying - it's just so much fun and makes you feel so young. Plus, kites are pretty.

3) House hunting. Granted, we can't really afford a lot of the houses, but it's just so fun to get an idea of what we like and don't like, even just on the outside.

4) Zoo going. We have a membership so we get to go whenever we want. All we need is some kiddos to really appreciate how much fun feeding the goats can be and how cute baby chimps are (okay, we don't really need kiddos to appreciate that)

5) A new book. We don't normally buy books, but I got a new one to read!