Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Most Boring Post in the World

I seriously don't think I have a specific topic for this post. It took me like, a minute, to even start typing this incredibly random sentence. Clearly, I have a boring life. Well, boring for blog posts anyway. So I'll just go with the old, boring, dull stand-by of updating all my numerous readers on my life.

1. We are now going to prenatal appointments every two weeks, since I'm at almost 29 weeks. I keep thinking back to my posts complaining about how slow pregnancy is and wanting to kick my own ass for complaining because according to The Bump website, I only have 79 days left until the due date (I'm sure it will be more or less of course, because of the incredibly low percentage of women who go into labor and actually end up with babies on their due date)

2. The husband and I have an apartment - we move in about 3 1/2 weeks and I am so excited to finally get things organized and ready for when we bring the girl home. And to have somewhere to invite friends and family over.

3. I do not have placenta previa at all and am therefore not needing a scheduled C-section. It was definitely low-lying at the mid-pregnancy ultrasound, so my OB scheduled another one for last week and all is good. Also, definitely a girl, which was also a relief since I got lots of pink dresses and bows and things from my shower and would hate to have to put my son in a pink dress with bows.

4. I didn't think I would, but I kind of like the attention and excitement that is coming from me being pregnant. So far I haven't had tons of people rubbing my belly (family and friends). I've only had a few dirty looks when I go to Starbucks for my apple cider (apparently they thought I'd ordered the triple mocha espresso or something). I get tons of hugs and the feeling of contentment knowing people are thinking about me and I almost feel selfish and greedy. So far, no old-wives tales have been told about how I'm endangering my child by doing some random thing; I haven't had a bunch of strangers tell me their labor horror stories (thank goodness, because I already have a bunch in my head that I just made up!)

5. There will soon be a puppy here, which I'm excited about, because they're just so adorable. I think that will be the pet we choose when we finally have a yard and the kid is old enough.

6. I am so much busier at work nowadays and it's so nice. For awhile I honestly thought I was being paid to just sit and not do much, but my ideas are taken seriously and I'm now running programs, and getting ready to do story times and of course, they will miss me when I'm on maternity leave.

7. It is finally autumn! There was frost last night. The nights are chilly and mean I sleep better and just enjoy the season. I love this kind of weather and it's so nice to not have the heat.

8. I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. Because we'll be so close to the due date at Christmas Nick and I won't be traveling to see my family for Christmas (my family will celebrate on our own and then have a family Christmas later) we're focusing on seeing my family for Thanksgiving. We're having a deviled egg contest. We're having tons of delicious food - family favorites and new recipes I'm sure. We've rented a small rec center so we'll be playing games and hanging out and talking and just having a good time together. I love the holidays and I love my husband's family so Christmas should be pretty fun too, even though I'm so sad not to have my family closer. This should give me a good dose of Regan for that.

I really could keep going with more updates: I'm craving more sugar, which annoys me, I find it hard to tie my shoes or put on socks, etc. But I think I'll just end this post.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Trick Or Treat?

Since I'm now addicted to parenting websites and advice, especially the kind that makes me go - "Seriously? You think that's GOOD parenting?!" in my head. But I was reading Yahoo! Shine and there was an article about the age of trick-or-treating. And whether there should be a maximum age - ie. Should teenagers still be allowed to go trick-or-treating? Personally, I fell within the no category. I figured that at a certain age, say, 14 they would be considered too old and should find other ways to celebrate the holiday. There is no underlying reason for my attitude except that I stopped trick-or-treating at like, 13 and I didn't go the complete opposite (as some people suggested in the comments section was the only thing teens did - go trick or treating or end up committing vandalism and horrible party choices) and become a juvenile delinquent. My friends and I had fun in other ways: haunted houses, scary movies, etc.

But after reading the article, I'm wondering if maybe I have the wrong approach? Is there an actual reason for saying that teens SHOULDN'T trick or treat? Why is it only for younger kids under a certain age (whatever arbitrary age people think is okay). After all, we certainly want to encourage kids to be kids for as long as possible, and some teens do still want to be creative and dress up and trick or treat. Obviously, if they show up in jeans with no costume that shouldn't count. And usually by the "right" age for them, teens will choose other options: they won't WANT to trick or treat, they'll want to go to a party, watch scary movies with friends, make their own haunted house, or visit a haunted house.

I am starting to wonder if maybe this is part of the whole demonization of teens in our culture, where we assume that they aren't good kids because of their age. Certainly there are teens out there that would fall under that category. But is it right to assume that once they reach a certain age they are 1) not allowed to enjoy some childish things, within reason and 2) would rather be partying and vandalizing the town rather than having more innocent fun?

So now I'm left wondering: for my own child, will there be an age cut-off that I enforce? Will I leave it up to her and just talk to her about it? Why does it make me feel uncomfortable to think of a 17 year old trick or treating rather than say, a 15 year old? And now I think I have an answer - we hope, that as the years go on, our kids eventually start to assume more adult characteristics. Within reason, of course, but by 17 they are almost adults and should be acting more mature, whereas at say, 15, it's sort of up for grabs. More maturity and responsibility, yes! But a balance between that and innocent, childhood fun.

So, would you give candy out to a teenage who was still trick or treating? I think I would. And how about your own kids or future children? Thoughts? I'd love to have a discussion about this, so if anyone is still reading - seriously, comment!