Monday, October 29, 2007

Families, Books, Adults

I think my family has fallen off the face of the earth. I haven't heard from anyone, except my stepmom for months! And I called HER! It's sad that we're so busy and that family gets pushed to the side; although when you think about it, who else would allow you to not call for months and then be happy to see you anyway. Only family, since they HAVE to love you. So to speak. I checked out the new Einstein biography written by Isaacson - I was wondering if anyone had read it yet? And Patricia Cornwell has a new Kay Scarpetta novel out too, although I haven't broken down and bought it = I'll put it on my Christmas list and hope that people know where my Amazon wishlist is - cause the list of books gets longer and longer! I'm still struggling through applications, and can't wait to get done - except I'm also a bit of a procrastinator so it's probably taking longer than it needs to - especially because I also want it to be perfect so I'll actually be accepted. I have a lot of worries lately, not that I'll detail them here, but for some reason, my brain doesn't want to turn off. It's horrible. I remember thinking that being an adult would be so much fun - when I was a kid. So here's a question? When you were a kid, why did you think (if you did) that being an adult would be more fun than being a kid and what do you miss about being a kid that you can't really do as an adult? Try to be original in presenting it, I'm sure that reasons are along the same page for a lot of people.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Day Off

I finally had a day off. Between my two jobs, I haven't had a day off in three weeks. Today, I got up at 8:15. That's like totally extra sleep! I went downtown and got a bunch of new books from the library. I got a great coffee at my favorite coffee place and then got to have lunch with my amazing boyfriend at one of my favorite Italian places. I also got rid of almost all of my tension and knots (I get really bad knots in my shoulders and back) from a full-body, 75 minute hot-stone massage (using up some of my gift certificate so it was free!) and went shopping. I got everything I needed and a few things I didn't on sale at Kohl's. It was a great day off and I am so refreshed and ready for tomorrow's workday. Sadly, I didn't get the job I interviewed for; but it was at a bank, and I don't know if they really wanted a historian working there. Anyway, a parallel discussion from Kristi's blog has turned into an interest of mine: religiousness and morality - what makes them different? How do you separate your morality from your religion? What about agnostics and atheists and their morality? What make religion so moral, if it is? And etc. Those are just a few; feel free to meander the discussion along - Kristi, your blog gives me ideas. Thank you.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Stuff AKA I have got to come up with more creative titles!)

Have gotten further into my book. It's about more than pro-choice nuns. It's about their growing realization that the Catholic Church has a rather, ahem, medieval view of women, and that what they wanted to accomplish they could not because of the church patriarchal systems and hierarchy, as well as the church's view of women. It's so interesting and amazing. In further news, I have linked a blog (perhaps some of you have noticed it) called Emily X. It's also amazing. She's a doctor for Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois and she's really defending women's healthcare and right of privacy and choice on this blog. People who are so inclined can pledge a certain amount of money toward Planned Parenthood - BASED on how many protesters there are; so for example, if you pledge a dollar per protester and there are 11 protesters, you just gave $11 to Planned Parenthood. The protesters are making money for Planned Parenthood and women's health - it's fantastic!!!! I love it! Anyway, it's an interesting blog whether you're pro-choice, pro-life, anti-choice, middle-ground, whatever. It brings the issue right out in the open, and that always spurs discussion I think. Or I hope. I also had a job interview, so keep your fingers crossed. I am also stressing about my statement of purpose for the Graduate Programs I want to get into - Nick's is worse though, cause he's getting his PhD and he has to write a research statement! I have to get ready for work now so just to put this out there: Who are you supporting in the Primaries? If anyone. Why? Why don't you like Barack Obama, if you don't? Are you crazy or stupid? :-) Hehehe. Okay, enough with the funnies. Have a good day people!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Short update

Am now reading a book written by two nuns who are prochoice and was asked by the Vatican to shut up about it. I doubt that's exactly what they said...but that's the gist. Ahh, the beauty of actually having free speech! Just started it, but so far, it's very interesting. Also, I had the weirdest dream last night where Kay, Kristi, Sara, and I were all back in high school...seniors, and we were all doing this very funny, strange class play. I'll have to email all of it to you, but it was very funny. Anyway, just wanted to update, even if it's short.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Interesting and Heartening

feminist wire | daily newsbriefs

October 1, 2007
CT Catholic Hospitals to Dispense EC to All Rape Victims

Connecticut Roman Catholic bishops softened their opposition Thursday to a new state law requiring hospitals to dispense emergency contraception (EC) to all rape victims. Previously, the Bishops had refused to allow Catholic hospitals to provide EC without first performing an ovulation test.

"Our efforts had only one goal, to protect the victims of rape," Sen. Jonathan Harris, a Hartford legislator who worked with the church to negotiate a compromise told the Associated Press. "There was no other agenda. It was started to just do that."

The church fought legislation for two years, arguing that it would force Catholic employees at the hospitals to behave immorally, according to the Associated Press. In a recent statement however, the bishops conceded that the use of Plan B cannot be judged as an abortion. "To administer Plan B pills without an ovulation test is not an intrinsically evil act," the statement read.

During the first half of 2006, 40 percent of rape victims treated at Connecticut hospitals either were not offered EC or received an incomplete dose of it, Connecticut Sexual Assault Services Inc. told the AP.

Media Resources: Associated Press 9/27; Catholic Bishops of Connecticut statement 9/27