Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Feel Like Wonder Woman

Ok. So today I ran four miles. FOUR MILES! That's huge for me. I am so excited. I feel awesome. And I've taken up swimming laps to give my legs a break and apparently it's working cause I ran FOUR F***ing Miles!!!!!!! Had to share.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Freaks and Fans

Nick and I scored tickets to the newest Harry Potter movie last night...midnight showing. The movie was great - there were obviously some things missing that well, we wished they could have put in, but otherwise really good. Other Harry Potter fans though are FREAKS! I hate to be judgmental, as I remember being a Trekkie "geek" and wouldn't have wanted to be called a freak, but still....some guy was wearing a Hermione wig. This made it rather hard for me to see over him. He was with this girl - a don't know if they were dating-who had the most annoying laugh EVER!!!!! And she laughed at almost everything. It was easy to see she was excited about the movie, but she definitely dimmed my excitement when she went on and one about having to make sure she left the theatre at EXACTLY 11:25 to get popcorn and go to the bathroom. And then once the movie started she giggled. When there was something even remotely funny (I'm talking a witty line here that was meant to get a small chuckle) she laughed in this HUGE, annoying way, reminding me of Anita Shin from the original movie version of The Music Man. I kept waiting for an Egads! to come out! Finally, when I'd missed like the third line in what felt like the same number of minutes I Shushed her and that helped. But we still missed lines, and I can't wait to be able to rent or buy our own copy so we can hear them and enjoy it. I'm a fan of Harry Potter - why else would I go to a midnight showing - but some of the others are just WEIRD!!! Other than that, the people were quiet which is rather weird for Nick and I to experience. We're tired today, and I have to close at work tonight, but it was worth it. I'm still looking forward to the book more though. Also, I want everyone out there reading this to keep your fingers crossed and hope that I get one of these awesome jobs at the university I keep applying for - the librarian assistant one is my favorite, but I'd even settle for being a secretary if it meant I'd get a real salary, benefits, and not have to nanny anymore - I LOVE the kids, but I'm a little annoyed at being jerked around by mom. Well, that's all.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Kids are so funny

So I talked to the woman I was a nanny for this past semester and she told me a funny story. Their family is on vacation at their vacation house in North Carolina and they were sitting around talking about stuff. Somehow, the topic turned to who the kids would marry when they grew up and the four-year old, Lila, was saying stuff about how she'd marry Liam, her brother, etc. Then she said, well, I can marry a girl can't I? And they had to explain that no, not at this time can you marry a girl (homophobics religious intolerant people and all - though I doubt they said that) but you can have civil unions. And she was like, okay, then I'm going to have a civil union with Kathleen! So Nick now has competition from a four-year old girl. Kids say the funniest things! And I had to share.