Thursday, January 31, 2013


Let me just give a shout out to my friend Kay for her totally understanding comment on my last post. Incidentally, the book that makes me cry all the time when I read it to Alice is: Where Ever You Are, My Love Will Find You by Nancy Tillman. It's wonderful to know I still have people reading my blog.

Okay, on to the new post.

Some things I find funny about being a mom.

1. I talk about poop a lot more than I ever thought possible - and I even KNEW I would be talking more about it and I STILL find it amazing how often I will start a conversation with my husband like this : "She had two poopy diapers today. One wasn't too bad but the other was really sticky and smelled funnier."
Or (this is my favorite): "No, that isn't poop face. Poop face is more like (*makes similar face as child does*)...

2. Raffi is kind of awesome. I don't even know if Alice LIKES these songs, but I play them anyway and sing Baby Beluga to her. This is VOLUNTARY. She could care less - she'd probably smile and laugh and clap if I were singing to Lady Gaga or Elvis too.

3. One of the highlights of the week is going to the library for Nursery Rhyme Time. Some of this is so I get ideas for when I go back to work and have to come up with story time ideas and things. But most of it is because I get out of the house, and Alice and I have fun together and someone ELSE did all the work to get us to have fun.

4. Going to the bathroom alone is pretty freaking awesome.

5. I totally repeat things other moms say about being a mom (see above). And I don't care. Also - I'm wearing yoga pants for the fifth day in a row and I consider myself to be more stylish than the moms who wear sweat pants. Ha!

Some other things going on in my life.

1. I got to see most of my family. My aunt and uncle came from South Dakota and visited and that was pretty awesome.

2. I'm already starting to plan for our trip to Chicago at the end of June. We'll be going with an 18-month old people, that's why I'm planning stuff now!

3. Despite being always tired, I'm having trouble falling and staying asleep. I think Alice has trained me well. It must be some kind of baby military training for moms.

4. I am very excited for winter to be over, even though we've had a lot of nice days or semi-nice days out. I am ready for the week of spring we'll be having before the heat and drought kicks in for a summer in Kansas.

5. I am still writing my book. Well, actually two of them of wildly different subjects and genres. But I have spurts of great ideas and then nothing. I want to finish one of them by the end of this year. Yeah, good luck with that.

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